Girls Competitive Winter Program 2017-2018



With the acquisition of the new Franco Cite Futsal Complex, OISC is able to provide a high quality Winter Skills Training Program. The new Franco Cite Futsal Complex is the only Futsal facility in Ottawa and has been constructed through a partnership between OISC. and CECCE ( Franco Cite’s school board). This coupled with our two artificial school fields puts OISC in a unique position in the Ottawa area to provide a superlative development program for young soccer players.

 When registering, please go to the age appropriate group and in most cases you will have choices as to which section(s) to register with. If you have any questions that are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section,  please contact me at

 Early registration is requested since these groups do have caps.

 GU08 (2010) Program Description 

 GU09 (2009) Program Description 

 GU10 (2008) Program Description 

 GU11 (2007) Program Description

 GU12 (2006) Program Description

GU13 (2005) Program Description

 GU14 (2004) Program Description

GU15 (2003) Program Description

GU16 (2002) and older group Program Description 

 GU18 (2001&2000) Program Description 



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