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The Girls Competitive Program prides itself in being socially responsible by purchasing its soccer balls from Trade Fair and this year will return to Canadian made uniforms from Topmark Canada. Our ill-advised experiment over the last two years with Ubrand/Adidas has been terminated.

The world was shocked when the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh collapsed on Wednesday, April 34, 2013. This eight-story commercial building collapsed with the death toll being an astonishing 1,129 and also approximately 2,515 people injured. Almost all of the dead were females with the dead being as young as 11 years old. We are very proud to be returning to a Canadian manufacturer were we will be absolutely sure that our uniforms are cut, sewn and embossed in Canada by adults in a modern and safe building and not produced by children younger then our children. We are proud to be the only soccer program in Ottawa that will be wearing uniforms manufactured in Canada. 

In addition to returning to uniforms manufactured in Canada which DSP has been wearing for the past 16 years, the Girls Competitive Program will be reverting to the former Uniform Policy which is environmentally friendly by adhering to the principle of reuse and not just discard. These principles are:


1 - All former uniforms are “grand mothered” and no team will be forced to throw-out their old uniforms and purchase a new uniform

2 - The new uniform will be offered in both Red, Black and white  in 2018.

3 - We recommend that a team only purchase one set in a year and use their former set as the alternate.

4 - If you have any former uniforms that you no longer require, please give them to your manager who will give them to the VP Girls  and these will be recycled as alternate team kits.

5 - Orders will be by team and no payment is required until the team order is delivered

6 - Uniform orders are guaranteed to be delivered as per the delivery dates as opposed to the previous arrangement when delivery was a mystery.



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