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Girls Competitive Program

OISC had a very vibrant and successful Girls Competitive Program. In 2016, we had 18 competitive teams which spanned every age group. Our goal is to provide all our players with a fun and memorable youth experience in a high-performance learning environment. OISC is a stanch supporter of learning and development and not just winning.

OISC is a neighborhood club that offers programs for every age from 4 to 73 years old and every level of ability and commitment. For the Girls Competitive Program, we offer a range of competitive levels and for most age groups, there are at least 2 or 3 different levels. OISC prides itself in having its teams placed in the appropriate group for its skill and commitment level.

The Girls Competitive Program operates year round skill based program with the following separate modules:

Summer Program

Summer Camps

Winter Program

The Girls Summer Program is divided into three stages:

1)    GU15 to GU18

For our top teams in this group our goal is have players enter university and college programs. This program has high level fitness measurement, increased development and showcase events. Recently Our teams have participated in the two week USA Cup, showcase events and have been invited at no cost to attend the Toronto FC Identification event. 

2)    GU13 and GU14

This group over the years has been at many memorable trips at U14 with most including the Gothia Cup in Sweden . The teams at this group start to solidify with less player changes then at younger ages. Fitness measurement is introduced and winter training becomes one of the selection measurements. 

3)    GU9 to GU12This is our competitive entry level program with emphasize on development and reliance on athletic development through participation in multiple sports. Winter training is available and encouraged for those that want to either enter the competitive stream or advance in it.

We strongly recommend that any players wishing to join the competitive program or move up the competitive levels participate in the Winter and/or Summer Camps since these are wonderful skill development opportunities.

The Girls Competitive Program teams all play in the East Regional Soccer League (ERSL). The try-outs for the Girls Competitive Program start in mid February and all the teams are selected by March Breakl. It should be noted that you should register as soon as possible in January in order that we can plan the try-outs better and that you can receive all information in advance.

Also, it is with great pride that after the try-outs we move to our two artificial turf fields at Hillcrest and Franco in April. OISC is the only soccer club in the district with their own artificial turf fields and we even have two of them!!! Almost all of our full field Girls competitive teams play all their home games on these magnificent fields. OISC also has the only official indoor Futsal facility.

All our registrations ae completed online. When registering please ensure you follow the step by step instructions provided to you as you register.

When registering, please go to the age appropriate group and in most cases you will have choices as to which group to register with. If you have any questions that are not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please contact me at

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For questions regarding the Girls Competitive Program:

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