Girls Competitive Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 2018


1. How do I register?

OISC use the online PowerUp Program for registration and payment. If you are new to this system, please go to the link below for instructions.

2. What is the level of commitment required in the Girls Competitive Program?

Given that players are selected for each team, one must remember that if your player was not on the team another player would be. Also, given that each coach has a pre-determined development plan, attendance is a high priority. Commitment does increase by age and by level of the team. Normally attendance at practices and games are in the 80% range with 2-3 weeks of holidays the norm.

3. What is the Summer time period?

The summer period is actually broken into 2 phases:

A) Spring period - this begins the third week of February which is right after the Winter Skills program ends and ends on May 14 the day before the city opens it’s outdoor fields for usage.The spring period consists of team selection and team preparation for the summer league session. OISC is the only club in Ottawa with an official Futsal facility and two artificial fields that are scheduled to open right after Easter. This provides our teams with an exceptional period of pre-league preparation.

B) Summer period- this begins May 15 and ends usually at the end of August but can extend into the first week of September.

4. When do Girls Competitive tryouts start?


They start the third week of February with the goal that all teams GU9 to GU12 are selected before March Break and all full field teams before April. From team selection to May 14 is spring team development period before the start of league play.

5. What group should a player register in?

A) For 2017 DSP and Youth Recreational players, we recommend that you register again in DSP or Youth Recreational and indicate in the PowerUp System that you wish to tryout for competitive. This will ensure that you are included in the tryouts at the competitive entry level. You should NOT register in both Competitive and DSP, this is definitely not required nor wanted. REMEMBER, the competitive registration dates are much earlier than DSP registration dates do register early.

B) The club offers two streams for most age groups to register in. There is a group for those players who wish to try out for the top team and a second group for those wanting to try out for the Tier 2 or Tier 3 teams. The reason for this is to speed up the selection process. We strongly recommend that any player that has not played competitive or participated in the winter program register for the second group. Players that have incorrectly identified will be immediately moved.


6-    How will we be notified?


First, it is extremely important to register before the Early Bird date so that the club can properly adjust the tryout times for each age group

Second, each age group will have a separate Age Convenor who is a volunteer.

Third, if you register late do not expect to be rushed into the process.

Fourth, each age group will use a Teamsnap product which you will be told how to use and update availability so don’t register late. All communication will be done through Teamsnap.


7-    How are players evaluated?


For the GU9 to GU12 mini teams, our goal is to have 3 independent evaluators at each session. Given our numbers, there will a number of evaluations sessions but no player will be expected or assigned to all sessions. You will be assigned base on your availability input that you have entered into Teamsnap.


8-    Where are the tryouts?


Most will be at the Franco Cite Futsal complex though some may be at Gloucester dome or neighborhood schools. You are expected to arrive 15 minutes early and to arrive with both indoor and out door cleats.


9. Do I have to volunteer?


Your club is basically a volunteer driven club. Without volunteers, there would be no teams. Please advise your Age Convenor is you will be able to help in some team capacity. It is mandatory that every family helps/volunteers at our Icebreaker Tournament.

10. How are coaches assigned to teams?

The Girls Competitive Staff Coach and the VP Girls assign both coaches and assistant coaches to each team. We have to have a Head Coach for each team and two assistant coaches. We are always looking for coaches and provide training sessions during January and February and also in April and early May.

It should also be noted that all coaches must be certified which means that they have taken age specific training course, Making Ethical Decisions, Respect in Soccer, Concussion protocol and have signed the Code of Conduct and have a police check.

10. What are the game night and the practice nights?

The game nights are on the ERSL site

There will be two practices per week Fields are allocated by the club and communicated before May 14.

11. Fee Increases

There are a few reasons for the increase this year as identified at your AGM:

1-   Due to past financial issues such as HST not charged, over expenditures and accounting formula errors

,2-   For 2018, our mini programs is offering a Travel Team whereby the season will be longer and have more development and games by participating in many festivals and some exhibition games. This program is more expensive than the League program which will be operated by the ERSL for the last year since all district teams will be moving to the EODSA League for 2019 which will then be a much improved product.option. 

12. Financial Assistance

OISC has linkages with the 2 major child support foundations. Any family wishing to request financial assistance with OISC must first apply to one of these three foundations.

You must apply to one of these programs immediately so that you get into their funding queue. These processes can take up to three months to get processed and they operate on a first come first serve basis until their funding is exhausted.

Once you have sent in your funding application, contact OISC at for registration direction. Kidsport Ontario and Canadian Tire's Jumpstart provide financial assistance for families in need to cover registration costs. Please see below regarding links to these programs.

KidSport site to fill out an application for subsidy funding.


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