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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) concerning the Winter Program



1-    Why are multiple types of training for each age group?


a-     For the ages 9-12, we have multiple nights and options so as to have families organize around multiple activities and sports.

b-    We try to have comparable skills and experience in each group since this is for our instructors to teach. The goal is to have groups that are relatively equal in skills so as to maximize the training success of both sessions


2-    Ball Mastery


This is geared towards those that have registered in the regular development sessions but want an extra high intensity skills night


3-    What are the Futsal offering?


a-     Futsal is the FIFA recognized indoor soccer game and is played around the world

b-    OISC is the only club in Ottawa with an official Futsal court

Futsal is the best toll for improving one on one skills

a-     We offer a combination of:

i-               Futsal sessions will be scrimmages with instruction over the game

ii-             This year our club has applied to the EODSA to have a Futsal league where other clubs can request to play in. These games are set-up for players that are participating in multiple sports.  Given that a max of 15 players can play in a game and there will be about 9 players at each game, players will have to rotate and this allows or other sport athletes to get some games but not all


4-    What is the target size of most groups? This can depend on the age and size of the facility but most groups are 16.


5-    Summer Competitive Teams


The winter Program is not team driven while Summer 2017 teams are. There are tryouts for the GU9 to GU13 and team selections for the GU14 and older. Selection criteria are skills, fitness, attitude and previous summer and winter evaluations. 

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